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Kip Pasta

“Construction sculpture” is a modern departure from the classic connotations of art sculpture. The simple, linear lines of each piece translate into an intricacy that reflects and complements a space, while compelling the viewer to become a subjective observer. The compact complexity of each sculpture belies the artist's work method: “I do not do sketches of my work prior to constructing. If I did, I believe that I would be limited to a blueprint.” Each piece is thoughtfully crafted by the artist as an elicitation of its surroundings. The result is an organic, energetic art piece with a sophistication evocative of nature.

Kip Pasta is a Chicago native who was recognized by the Chicago Artists' Coalition as a “Chicago Artist to Watch”. View his accomplishments in Resume, Articles, and Exhibits .

Kip Pasts's Workspace- the process begins
The process begins.

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